Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Conference Poster

My painting ended up in the poster for a conference (Exploring the Potential of Restorative Justice for Sexual Violence) arranged by University of Leuven in Belgium and European Forum for Restorative Justice. More information can be found from here.

(The painting is called Together / 同根生, 2011)

Saturday, 4 October 2014


I started doodling today around this week's Illustration Friday topic Silence. I had no plan in mind, just drew whatever came to my mind: the lady who told me to be quiet at work this week when I talked to my colleague in our open office, sunset by lake, underwater scene, night sky, the Chinese word 安静... Very pleasant and stress free approach to the theme, may try it again :-)

(I have been *silent* for a long time.  My excuses: hunting for a flat, moving, going for a holiday, decorating the new place.... But now I am happily settled and have a beautiful workspace so no more excuses. It is a promise.)