Sunday, 19 August 2012

Qipao Life

Sold 4 paintings today, including one of my favorites, Qipao Life:

Qipao Life
 Qipao Life / 旗袍一生, 2011 (338), 74x44 cm, ink + Chinese watercolor + oil pastel on xuan paper

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Still in Dongzhimenei

Welcome to my new blog*! I am still in Beijing but in 2 weeks time I will be heading towards new adventures, so exciting... 

I wanted to paint the view from my window before I go. I haven't really tried paintings landscapes with Chinese brushes so it was an interesting experiment. But I still prefer flowers, it is more fun and free.

View to West
View to West (Dongzhimennei) / 东直门内, 2012 (490), 75x46 cm, ink + Chinese water color + oil pastel on xuan paper

*This is my 3rd sketch blog therefore number three in the title. The 1st one was a Flash site I started in 2004 (not online at the moment). The 2nd one covered last four years of my Beijing life (and should have been called Sasa's Sketchbook 2... :-P).