Thursday, 16 August 2012

Still in Dongzhimenei

Welcome to my new blog*! I am still in Beijing but in 2 weeks time I will be heading towards new adventures, so exciting... 

I wanted to paint the view from my window before I go. I haven't really tried paintings landscapes with Chinese brushes so it was an interesting experiment. But I still prefer flowers, it is more fun and free.

View to West
View to West (Dongzhimennei) / 东直门内, 2012 (490), 75x46 cm, ink + Chinese water color + oil pastel on xuan paper

*This is my 3rd sketch blog therefore number three in the title. The 1st one was a Flash site I started in 2004 (not online at the moment). The 2nd one covered last four years of my Beijing life (and should have been called Sasa's Sketchbook 2... :-P).


  1. Hey Sasa, Welcomer to blogger!!! I am glad that I have now become famous by being the very first person to comment on the very first post on this new blog!!! Love the painting..I like the perspective..eyes are drawn to the background then around the rest of the pic space... there's a lot of stuff to see!

  2. I understand the grey and the thick smoke coming out of the factories at the horizon. This is how I remember Beijing too. I understand the crowded atmosphere in your drawing. Well done, Sasa. It is another interesting and rich painting.

  3. Hello Sasa!!!!!!!!!!!
    First: Thank you for your kind comments (and I'm fine, just something cold, but with much backlog)

    Second: I tell you that I came to this blog, but I could not leave my comment, because you had not made ​​any posts until today :)))))))))
    Let's begin:
    I love this painting! really :)))))))))))))))))
    I wish you were still painting cities, please!
    I like more than flowers (sorry)
    And I wish you a very good weekend!!
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫

  4. Hi, I just updated the links to you with this new blog!
    What a good idea to paint the view from your window. Maybe I will do the same, one day.
    Wish you a good new-blog-start and happy painting!