Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Painting Table

Great to be back home by my painting table!


  1. Sasa!!
    I saw on my desk that you made an entry and just as I was coming, the power was cut at home!!!
    and now I saw your comment. thank you very much. (Your brain cells are beautiful, I'm sure)
    What a great place to work you have.
    looks very intimate!!!!
    Oh, these brushes on the wall!!
    feel like taking them and start painting!

  2. Nice Gaff...I can see Eastern influences!!

  3. Nice to show your workplace. Next time I would love to see those pretty Chinese brushes close up. They look wonderful.

  4. Ah, awesome! I wish my painting desk was like yours! (or my DESK in general). I love the big brushes hanging up! And agree with Paula, I'd love to see your brushes dfrom close!