Wednesday, 27 March 2013


 Ice swimming is popular in Finland. People who do it regularly claim that they are in superb health and never catch colds. I tried it once but my feet started cramping immediately. But afterwards I did feel divine.  

The water is ink on plastic, the swimmer ink on paper.


  1. I think swimming in ice must kill the germs...Hopefully before it kills you...not speedo temperatures!

    1. Oh, I'm sure they wear speedos, but instead of swim cap they have beanies...

  2. I like it - there's some determination to swim, to endure... So strange - you've succeeded to create the feeling of being in icy water through using black colour!!

  3. I believe I prefer a hot bathtub ..... healthy or not :)

  4. O, this is wonderful! The water is rough and delicate at the same time. It looks cold, dark, crystalized and fuming. That little man is very determined and very alone. It sounds horrible, ice swimming, but I can imagine the thrill. I know the feeling oof a ice cold bath after being in the sauna.

  5. What a wonderful drawing. It made me laugh and realize you master a few different drawing skills very well.

  6. The colors and textures really give that sensation of cold, even here with the hot weather I get that feeling, nice work!
    People in Finland must be brave, I don't think I could do that.

  7. Sasa, I saw pictures of people doing this in Russia. but I did not know that so do in Finland
    I think you feel divine, even under the common shower :))

    the effect that you have obtained, to make water is perfect
    i love this!!! congratulations!
    my shipment is on its way ;)))