Saturday, 18 May 2013

Horse Chestnut

Spent a great day in Richmond today sketching with a group of very talented artists. I have always wanted to draw this tree (I was informed it is a horse chestnut) because of its size and amazing flowers.


  1. sweet dreams Sasa!, me too, will return tomorrow :))

  2. Nice work, Sasa. Some trees are very photogenic, oh, no, sorry, drawgenic ! I like it!

  3. here me again!!!!
    (this was like waves of the sea, you and me, we come to the blog, we left, and we return) :))
    OK, my dear friend!!
    thanks for coming twice, to see my post and for your comment.
    I do not know, I think if you like it is enough, do not try to understand. ha ha
    about the header, I'll explain by mail. ok? is a bit long to explain.

    I would say this is a work, very finished,(your tree) more than a sketch
    I love how you managed the different planes of leaves, with more light or more shade
    is something I never can did it. I think that's why I do not paint landscapes, I'm useless for that, I have tried many times but the result is always mediocre.
    I send you a kiss and my desire good week!!!!!!!!!!!!:))

  4. I am the same as Roberto...Trees are hard...trying to simplify the foliage and make it look good is one of Art's little difficulties!!! You did it well though.

  5. Ohhh they are one of my favourite trees!
    And this is OSOO GORGEOUS! Love all the details!
    It's so nice to do some life drawing too from time to time :)

  6. Very nice, Sasa. Good thing you limited yourself to a part of the tree, it makes it bigger and give the viewer more to ponder about.

  7. How could I have missed this imposant tree??? I love trees. Yours is so beautiful! So big and proud and festive. All leaves unfold and blossoming! His shadow shows his prestige!

  8. I love your depiction of this sweet chestnut. I was there this weekend and the pink blossoms were out. magnificent specimen.