Sunday, 23 February 2014

Paw Painting

As promised last week, here is a painting where Nunu has (quite successfully) left her mark:

And here is the artist at work:

But looks like paws where clean this time:


  1. for a cat , Nunu has great taste :)

  2. Hi. Sasa. I love the spots on your art, as splashes, surely, that it seems so simple, it is not, you have to know very well what kind of splash and color and what size, and what direction!!
    your art, as always leaves me with my mouth open, staring in silence.
    did you noticed, Marimekko design in my illustration? ;)
    Thanks for your comments, dear Sasa, and good week for you!

    1. Thanks Roberto!
      No, I didn't notice Marimekko design! I went back to check but still didn't recognize any Marimekko, I guess I don't know them anymore :-I

  3. Hi Sasa! With or without Nunu these flowers are beautiful! In the first picture the ink (or paint) spots are just perfect. The edges with this dark fringe! Super!!! And in the second one I like the delicate lines that go over the more watery spots. Perfect balance between 'accidental' and deliberate painting. Between robust and detailed. My regards to Nunu!

  4. Oh. NO! I can not find where I got that fabric design. but I am convinced that it is Marimekko! (perhaps Google, lied to me. Ha Ha :)
    Promes: my next illustration with a fabric, it will be a traditional design Marimekko. :)

  5. So lovely!! (all: sweet Nunu and flowers!!!)

  6. I agree with Hedwig, in that you are your cat are a true artistic couple.