Saturday, 8 March 2014

Flowers & Shit

I went to see the Richard Hamilton exhibition in Tate Modern yesterday.  As a 'flower painter' I was inspired to find about his 'scatological period' in the 70s. There was a whole room (called Shit & Flowers) filled with work from this period: paintings of flowers, toilet paper, turds.
I made my own version (desperately trying to expand or find other topics than flowers? :-D)

Hmm, after all, flowers and excrement have an intimate connection. If I continue making these, the future versions should include bees and butterflies too - and the sun.


  1. Sasa, do not despair!
    you are a person with inspiration.
    Do you know what is good? playing with a pencil and a notebook, while talking on the phone, while watching TV, while listening to music, (even while you pee, I say seriously) you will see how, doodling, ideas emerge.
    A kiss, and good Sunday, Sasa! :))))

    1. Thanks Roberto! Actually it is not difficult to find things to draw or paint, and do like flowers too, especially with this new twist :-D

  2. You mean... Is that a turd on the bottom of your painting??? I do not see the connection beteen turds and flowers. Yes, a flower needs manure to grow...
    Give me the bees and the butterfly's, please. But it's a very esthetical turd, so I can live with that ;)

  3. You have great humour, Sasa. I didn't see the dog doo, I thought it was a massive hairy caterpillar! But that is me, butterfly-lady of the Netherlands. :-)

  4. Quel plaisir d'assister à une résurrection. Merci d'être parmi nous à nouveau.


  5. No shit...and the flowers die!!! I like this and look forward to future experimentations!!!

  6. Hi, Sasa!!! How are you?????????
    Are you ok?
    Have a nice week!!! :)

  7. Dear Sasa, thanks for your comment! How are you??? It's so silent on your blog. We all want more flowers!!! See you soon! I hope :)