Sunday, 27 April 2014

Vanity (Makeup)

Makeup (we love colour!)

My submission for Illustration Friday, the theme was 'vanity'. I wanted to play with colors and do something 'half-abstract'. This looks better in real life, the gold and silver paint I used does not really show in the scanned version.
For some reason I really like drawing makeup. Not that I do it often, the above was my third try. Last time I tried was in 2011 when I did an ink brush work that is maybe more 'my style'.

Makeup (2011)

Before that I sketched make up in 2008, a quickie by the bathroom sink :-)


  1. I think I see some similar make up items that I have in these sketches. Fun sketches to study. Thanks for sharing

  2. I think that some of the items are not only similar but exactly the same :-)

  3. A woman's treasure box! I don't have one, and to me this looks very glamorous. Also mysterious and intmate. It's a mess and it's still kind of structured. It's like a pattern. It's like a bunch of details hold together by the limits of the box. It makes a very good image. Images. I like the middle the most.

  4. Oh, I've seen make-up boxes like these in theatre and TV studios...:) | have just a few items, but is it a sign for a lack of vanity? Of course not!:)
    I like the ease with which you've drawn all the details, Sasa!

  5. Hey, Sasa! this is not vanity!
    It would be vanity if you use this things to make up your face, and then go around the world looking at the others contemptuously. but when a woman embellishes itself, is not vanity,
    In addition, this act of makeup, has some sexapeal that unfortunately, men rarely see
    Your art, as always excellent!
    and I can see the evolution!
    the drawing from 2008, reminds me of the type of line of your time in Beijing. 2011 drawing (my favorite) is exquisite.
    and a new drawing, it is rare,(to me, sorry) it not seems the colors you use normally.
    ok have a beautiful week dear Sasa!

  6. HEY i realize that you put some background at your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like it!!!!! :)

  7. I agree your dark ink works well, contrasting the pastel coloured make up. Very nice take on vanity. At our age it is vanity, later camouflage.

  8. Hi Sasa!!! how are you?? long time without news of you!!
    I am the next host at the Drawing Challenge, (some like IF) i would like to invite you to play. if you want. leave a comment on my blog, and i can explain you how to play! have a nice week!!!

  9. Hi Sasa! thanks for hook up in the game of Drawing Challenge. The game is this: you must upload to your blog, your theme development from next Saturday. I will put links to the blogs of all players for all to see and comment. ok? is simple.
    Thanks again!!!! And Nice week for you!!!!!!! :)