Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mile End Day

Last weekend I was sketching in Mile End with a group of friends. We started at Tower Hamlets Cemetery, drawing a mausoleum, sitting on a foot path, harassed by ants.

Tower Hamlets Cemetery
Next we wanted to find a shadier place with a park bench. We found one but the view was a bit less spectacular.

Tower Hamlets Cemetery

Then we bought some food from supermarket and had a lunch in Mile End Park. 

Mile End Park

After lunch we walked to Victoria Park via beautiful canal path. I didn't do any sketches there but I think I will go back with my sketchpad some time soon. Nice day.


  1. Hi Sasa, dear friend. I like all three works. You know how to use the black. I think that should be for your learning and experience in Chinese art, right?
    You put drama, while color and vitality to your work.
    You're very good at drawing bodies. (I remember the crowds drawn in Beijing) and I have a very good picture of you where there are lots of people, and each perfectly drawn.
    I love the "VanGoghian" sky on the third work. Always carry your notebook!
    Thanks for your comment. You are so kind that make me blush!
    Good week for you Sasa! :)

  2. Thanks Roberto, I think you are right, I got the use of black from Chinese art. I remember that when I was in art school, they practically banned the black color... Happy that I have found it again :-)

  3. I agree, I really like the strong black shadows! :D

    Black is v. important in my opinion. I think the first piece is my fave from this set though!

  4. I noticed the VanGogian sky too. It must have something to do with the ink swirls you often have noticed? It adds so much dynamics to your work.
    It was a lovely day, with a lovely collection of sketches as a rewarding.
    Well done.

  5. O sasa, these are wonderful! I can feel the weather: a sunny day, but windy!
    I like the sky in the first drawing. The hard blue pencil strokes. Wow!
    The second one is very spectacular, in spite of the unspectacular view. That bushes are certainly the home of witches and the likes!
    In the third one there is a contrast between the cloudy sky and the waving leaves and then the peaceful figure on the grass.
    These are sparkling vivid sketches. I like your wanderings through London!
    Bye, WW

  6. Très beau travail, Sasa. Mon préféré, si je peux me permettre, c'est ton premier croquis réalisé dans ce cimetière où tu trouves paix de l'esprit mais aussi belle inspiration.J'aime toujours autant la sensibilité de ton trait de crayon et la liberté de ton interprétation.

    Bel été Sasa