Sunday, 14 December 2014

Natural History Museum

I was drawing in Natural History Museum today. It was full of inspiring things to draw: corals and shells, fossils, skeletons,... 

This time I stayed in the main lobby drawing the dinosaurus and the giant moa there (I had never heard of moas before, looks like a huge emu or ostrich). The lobby has a wonderful golden yellow light but unfortunately the yellow of my drawings doesn't look that good in the scanned versions. I tried to adjust the color in Photoshop but didn't manage to make these look like the originals. Anyway, I found drawing 'bones' very satisfying for some reason.

Giant Moa


  1. good sketches, Sasa! I love all kind of shells, fossils, skeletons,....... always fascinating. And today I was walking in the streets to take some snapshots.....

  2. Hi Sasa !!! Oh, I could never draw this! I could not concentrate on drawing many details. Your ability to focus and patience are endless! The color seems very good !! I like the contrast between the detailed drawing of the bones and background as outlined.
    You know I recently returned from NZ. and Moa was a giant bird of the islands. There I can saw something like a doll, of a Moa, in a Birds Museum where there were current and extinct birds!
    I have little time for my blog, (to draw and to answer comments) but I'll start again. A kiss and good week !!!

  3. Hello! These are beautiful drawings! They are precise but not too precise, I mean, they still loosily and not stiff at all. The neck of all bones! With all those elements looking the same and without a clear form and so many! I would rather draw a mammoth, but I am lazy :)
    I too like the contrast between the skeletons and the background. The black and yellow is a great combination. Very lively.
    Bye! WW

  4. Except the talent, you were very observant and patient to have drawn these skeletons! I like the view from "above" to the silhouettes of people - this emphasizes the contrast between them and the drawn object.
    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful, Lucky and Inspiring New Year, Sasa! Lots of health and love!:))

  5. I missed blogging and seeing your artwork...this is good!!