Monday, 13 July 2015

Royal Festival Hall

Sketched this one yesterday in Royal Festival Hall. Outside you can see Hayward Gallery and Carsten Höller's installation (which is basically a slide, looked really fun.)

PS. Did some drawings in Scotland too but not as much as I hoped. Finding time to sketch is always a problem when you travel with people who don't draw. Luckily yesterday I didn't have that problem, my companion is a very eager sketcher.


  1. I absolutely like your sketches, Sasa! I prefer them to photos.:)

  2. No problem, Sasa !!! With this sketch, you compensate, all you did not do before! Have a good week!!!!!!!!!!! and dont stop drawing :)))

  3. Un vrai plaisir de retrouver tes créations. To n style est si particulier, si libre d'interprétation, sans jamais tomber dans la copie stricte. Le dessin est vibrant, le traitement de la couleur, juste. Je t'encourage à continuer pour ton plair et pour le nôtre.
    Je te souhaite un très bel été, Sasa.


  4. Great ink sketch, Sasa, especially the left chair is very well done.

  5. Let's again breathe some new life in blogging !! Well, hopefully you are settled again and have some spare time to create art! Will blogger become again a thriving place where creative people meet each other?
    See you later ! :)

  6. Wow, what a strange still life or landscape... or a movie still: Big snake is trying to enter quiet library where people are quietly studying and not aware of the danger. Very strange view!