Monday, 28 September 2015


I just realized that September is almost gone and I haven't created a single blog post. So here is a small collection of stuff I did in last 30 days.

Drew St Paul's Cathedral from Tate Modern's Member's Room

Went to Angel to draw Regent's Canal (this is Islington Tunnel)

Tested new kind of paper

Played with  textures and collage

Sketched a  glass of red and a box of nail polish on radiator

Studied dead sunflowers


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Regent's Canal and glass of red!!!. bah... i really lik it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice Autumn, Sasa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Very nice, Sasa. Wild and atmospheric.

  3. Haha, like Roberto I thought: what a spectacular glass of red wine!!! But this is a very fine series of different objects and techniques. I like the buildings and the canal but I feel the splashing flowers and the wine!!!

  4. Nice collection, Sasa. Is it a speciality of London to make glühwein on the radiator ? ;)

    I am particularly fascinated by the last one, dead sunflowers.... it has something very monumental, I would like to see it at least 1,5 m x 1m big.....

  5. I love them all! №3,5 are my favorites! Great work! And №4 is so unusual, did you use something like this to make it?

  6. Ton talent est manifeste. J'aime ce que tu fais. Tu maîtrises parfaitement le dessin, mais j'aime cette sensibilité qui est la tienne et qui joue avec la réalité représentée de façon vraiment poétique, comme Regent'canal, ou, oriental, avec ce superbe collage. Tu regardes le monde comme une artiste et tu le décrypte pour nous, avec beaucoup de charme. Amitiés.