Sunday, 14 February 2016

Pinky Flower

I decided to submit a painting to this year's Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts.

There is going to be several rounds of judging, so we will see... The likelihood of being selected doesn't seem too high but my main motivation was to push myself to create a new series of work. And I loved the process of it, I have so many new ideas now!


  1. Good luck, Sasa! The result is important, yes, but the process is the essential thing - you dream and work, and try, and develop, and make discoveries, and reach new horizons...
    There're so many nuances in your pink flower! It is tender and exquisite!

  2. Tender is the word that came to my mind too. Beautiful pink, enhanced by the black. And I have this association: A little animal walked through the black wet paint/ink? and made a trail. And that makes me smile.
    Good luck!!!

  3. Hey, cheer up!
    You have the same percentage chance that everyone has. A few days ago I read something I liked: the energy you spend on thinking negatively, is the same as you spend on thinking positive. So why not to think positive? :)