Saturday, 26 March 2016

Battersea Park Pagoda

Painting in Battersea Park. There is this beautiful pagoda, which makes me feel 'homesick'.


  1. Excellent!, Sasa. Your brush strokes are very successful. I love it when, in a painting there are no lines that draw the outline(or a little). Then the image is formed in my brain. This is one case. (I do not know why this reminds me of Van Gogh) I wish you a beautiful week!!!!!!!!

  2. Just a detail, but it's enough to travel over the continents...:)

  3. Très beau travail. J'aime la liberté d'expression qui est la tienne. En l'occurrence, c'est une vraie invitation au voyage vers l'Orient que tu nous invites ici, avec beaucoup de grâce.
    Belle semaine à toi, chère Sasa.
    Je t'embrasse.


  4. Hi Sasa, I admire your use of the brush! I see dry strokes and also watery splashes. The pagode reminds me of a merry go round and that gives a feeling of nostalgia, so perhaps the homesick feeling really slipped in this painting.

  5. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.