Saturday, 30 December 2017

Star - Window - Rainy Day

I cannot let the year end without a single post... (Sorry, bad quality image, using my mobile)


  1. wow! One post a year! :)

    wishing you all best in 2018 and time to blog ! ;)

    How are you doing ? Blogger is not as abundantly as in the past visited anymore so let's try to get some fresh winds into .....
    Hier is it very windy and wet :(

    cheers from Artichokistan !! :)

  2. Wow indeed!!! I am so happy you remembered your blog. It is really quiet in blogland :(
    Your cloud is magnificent and your raindrops are subtle. I see christmas decorations but can not read the words.
    I hope all is well and I wish you a splendid 2018!

  3. Hi dear Sasa, Yes,We all have a little forgotten our blogs. But from time to time its nice to post something. I see in this drawing your line made with ink and pen and the stains you use on your art, this is an original Sasa´s work of art!!!! :). I wish you a beautiful 2018 and i hope you dont stop making art. Kiss and hug. :)

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  5. Hello, Sasa! How nice to see you here like in the "old days"! Hope you are doing well! Your drawing "told" mе that you have a cat and have travelled to Finland.:D I will be very glad to see more of your drawings in future.
    Hope to blog more often in 2018.:))

  6. Mais, c'est déjà bien chère Sasa. Je serais bien incapable de créer autre chose avec mon mobil, que de la photo. Je suis donc admiratif du résultat. Continue.
    Belle soirée Amitiés.

  7. beautiful work and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate:)