Monday, 1 October 2012

Tweed Flower

Greetings from the land of tweed...! I moved from Beijing to London last month. More or less settled by now, only the internet connection is missing.

Tweed Flower
Tweed Flower / 花呢花
2012 (482), 75x46 cm, ink and Chinese color on xuan paper


  1. Welcome, Sasa,
    Are you missing the street food, and all those bikes that you were drawing? :))
    London inspires you other sensations so that you draw, right?
    Ok. this painting is very strong!
    I like the contrast between light and dark
    and the white flower, is the great detail of the entire drawing!!!
    I send you a hug and a kiss, friend Sasa! :)))

  2. I like this...its beautiful..welcome to my country..although I'm not there!