Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hmmm, I doodled this last weekend but was planning to do something else for Illustration Friday later. Since it is already Thursday evening, this will be do :-P


  1. Well, I think it will more than just do!! This is a great doodle!!!

  2. Hi Sasa!!! this is wonderful, great doodle as Rod say!!! I love the mix of colors with the water!!!
    Thanks for your comments. do you know where I saw the balinese dancers?? in Ubud, dont tell me that you were in Ubud!!!! :)))))))))) Ha Ha.
    Eh......... check your mails i send to you something about followers!!! :)))

  3. Hi Sasa!!!
    Ha Ha I'm the first :))))
    Ok. Thank you for your kind words. you are always so kind with your comments regarding my little drawings.
    oh, I was in Ubud last year, is really incredible, and i want to return to Bali next year, I still have lots to see!!!!!
    About Sky IF I think I'll do something on Monday because I have invited to a drawing challege, themed "Leaves", and I must do so between Saturday and Sunday
    Good weekend my traveler friend! :))))))))))))))))))