Wednesday, 12 December 2012


My moving boxes finally arrived on Monday. They were on their way from Beijing to London for almost 4 months. I have spent a couple of days now opening them and exploring and arranging the contents. It feels like Christmas though I am quite shocked about the amount of possessions I have. I thought I threw away a lot but now I notice I still have too much. The only things I have really missed have been my art supplies, kitchenware and some pieces of furniture...


  1. Hi, dear Sasa, I'm glad that finally arrived, the boxes with your belongings.
    I bet you did not remember that you had stored within them.
    now you have a job, find location for everything. :)
    I tell you that eight years ago I moved to where I live now, and there are still boxes that have not been opened. ha ha.
    Good Luck!!!
    PS: four months is a long time, I thought only in my country it took so long
    PS2: I like this work of art a lot!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Sasa!
    we could try Chamamé together because neither I know how to dance it. haha :))))))

  3. At least you got the INK out of your box! (You know already that I would like this!)

  4. I think my former comment got lost. It congratulated you with your second wish to declutter. Artists need space, in their minds and workplaces. You will have that soon.
    Good luck with unpacking.

  5. Hello!
    I jsut saw your comment about difficulty in commenting - sorry I haven't paid much attention to blogworld for past couple of weeks!

    I know now why I haven't seen your posts lately - you moved places! :) I like this new blog! I like your paintings! What is is like living in London after Beijing?


    1. Still trying to adjust so too early to say... Miss some things from Beijing, but the pollution and internet censorship make living there very difficult.

  6. Thanks all your comments, been busy decluttering... Paula is right, it is vital!