Sunday, 30 December 2012


I haven't studied calligraphy and don't really understand that much about it, but I still try to practice it every now and then to improve my brush control. So today filled the sheet with character 'new' (新) written in different styles (above a part that fit to the scanner). 


  1. this is just wonderful! long time no see or type ... have a colourful new year - and be patient: the year of the snake will also be full of wonders and colours when it arrives :-)


  2. Sasa, 2013 will be a great year to you and your calligraphy skills will flourish. I'm sure.
    Hurrah to the New Year and to you.

  3. I guess there's nothing like painting this type of calligraphy to soften the hand on the use of the brush.
    I always see this kind of writing as if I were looking at an abstract painting (I mean, I do not understand the meaning and just let my senses act)
    I'm going to do a toast for you on December 31, my friend Sasa!!!! :) ♥

  4. happy and FUNNY 新 year !

    (I did not listen to the economists, and the result? you can guess....) :)

  5. These are must be happy with them!!...Happy New Year!!!

  6. Looks great! Happy NEW Year!!

  7. Thanks, Sasa!
    How was your 2013 first week?