Wednesday, 27 February 2013


A whisper of Spring.


  1. Sasa, surely you are a woman extremely delicate and sensitive (perhaps you cry often), I am sure that you look through your window, how the leaves fall in autumn, and you see that there is poetry in that, right?
    because only thereby, someone can make a so subtle and delicate rendering of the word, whisper
    OK: I google inner painting!! Oh!!!!! that's amazing! how anyone could do that? :O
    I cant believe it

    1. Hmmm, not sure if I should be flattered or not :-D

      Those bottles are really amazing. The painters make their brushes themselves, they are tiny, one or two hairs only, and L-shaped to enable painting inside.

    2. Sorry, Sasa, I apologize, I wanted to flatter you,
      I did not mean to be offensive. I ask forgiveness

  2. simply a nice, clean brushstroke: wonderful!

  3. Beautifully essential. I love this minimalism, expressing spring.
    I see it in our garden: just two tiny green leaves poke out of the ground and they make you happy!

  4. it is intriguing that often one brush stroke make such minimalist painting or good or bad. I think in this your work is exact amount of brush strokes.


  5. hi sasa: thanks for your visit!
    i use "normal" watercolor in pans, some of them originally in tubes, then squeezed into pans to dry. i use horadam/schmincke or the japanese gansai brand. nothing special as you can see :-)

    have a good end of the week and a lovely week-end!

  6. Somehow I missed this...but it was worth the wait...Excellent!